Given a recent spike in positive Covid-19 cases, the Government of New Brunswick has announced that effective 12:01AM Friday November 27 – Zone 3 (Fredericton-Central New Brunswick) moved from Code Yellow to Code Orange.

That’s Zone 1 (Moncton Region), Zone 2 (Saint John Region) and Zone 3 (Fredericton Region) in Code Orange.

While Code Orange still allows for indoor dining, a number of changes have been made to Code Orange that will impact us all, especially restaurateurs.

New Code Orange Requirements for Restaurants
-Indoor dining will be limited to a single household bubble
-Capacity will be limited to a maximum of 50 patrons per establishment.
-Operators can have an additional group of up to 50 provided it is in a separately enclosed area that does not require patrons to access through another dining area. Physical distancing of 2m still applies.

Changes were also made to the mandatory contact tracing log to add date and time. Operators are now required to keep the name, date, time and phone number or email for at least one person per party.

Government has also announced that anyone entering New Brunswick from another province (including Atlantic Canada) must self-isolate for 14 days.