Orange Level

– Indoor dining will be limited to a single household bubble
– Capacity will be limited to a maximum of 50 patrons per establishment. Operators can have an additional group of up to 50 provided it is in a separately enclosed area that does not require patrons to access through another dining area. Physical distancing of 2m still applies.

Changes were also made to the mandatory contact tracing log to add date and time. Operators are now required to keep the name, date, time and phone number or email for at least one person per party. Officials expect these restrictions to be in place for approximately two weeks.

At the request of Restaurants Canada, the Government of New Brunswick has provided guidance with respect to recent changes to the Public Health Order. Clarification has been given on the collection of patron information and guidance for verification of a single-family bubble within a Code Orange Zone.

Under the Mandatory Order, owners and managers of every workplace must take all reasonable steps to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission among their employees, patrons and visitors, and comply with all directives and guidelines from WorkSafeNB and the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

Where seating is offered for the purposes of eating, drinking, socialization, celebration, ceremony or entertainment the proprietor is required to record the date, time, name and email address or phone number of every person that enters, and to validate that the information collected matches the identity of the person(s) being admitted. Where patrons arrive in a party to be seated together, it is sufficient for the host to record and validate the information of only one member of the party, if that person agrees to maintain the information for the rest of the people in their party.

In the areas of the province which are in the orange recovery phase, every person shall only come within 2 metres of a member of their own household. A single household bubble is defined as the persons with whom they reside, caregivers for any member of their household, and any parent, child, sibling, grandparent or grandchild who requires their support to live their daily lives. This means that a person can only be seated at a table with people from their own household bubble.

The proprietor is responsible to ensure parties being seated together are from the same household bubble. This could be addressed at the point of entry when screening, disinfecting of hands, and recording the contact information of the party is happening. The proprietor or their staff could ask each party to verbally affirm that all members of the party are from the same household. If the proprietor or their staff is not satisfied that any of the parties are from a single household, they could deny service, or contact enforcement.

It is also the responsibility of the patrons to remain seated with people from their single household bubble. Patrons could also be found to be non-compliant with the Order.

Resource: Collection of names and contact information under the Mandatory Order COVID-19