The federal government has released an early season-by-season picture of what life in Canada should look like based on vaccination coverage estimates.

Spring 2021
Cases are high and vaccines are low. Continue following public health guidance and restrictions while vaccination efforts ramp up. Recommendations: stay home, stay safe, get vaccinated.

Summer 2021
Cases are low and vaccine coverage is high for one dose. If 75% of those eligible receive one dose and 20% have a second dose, then:
-Restrictions can begin to be lifted, while individual measures (physical distancing, mask wearing) are continued.
-Recommendations: go camping, go hiking, be on patios.

Fall 2021
Cases are low and two-dose vaccine coverage is high. If 75% of those eligible receive a full COVID-19 vaccination series, then:
-Local public health will be able to lift more measures and you should be able to more activities indoors with people from outside of your household.
-Recommendations: attend family gatherings, indoor sports, schools fully open.
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Border reopening depends on 75% of Canadians being vaccinated, according to the Prime Minister on May 18
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