Federal government to unlock $740 million for airports

The federal government will offer $740 million in capital investments for airports over the next six years, higher than the $435 million previously announced in November. $500 million will go towards larger airports and the rest will be earmarked for smaller airports. News Link

National Airlines Council of Canada (NACC) calls for federal government to follow UK airline restart approach

The NACC has called on the federal government to follow the UK’s lead in bringing a restart plan for Canada’s airline sector. Specifically, NACC is asking for measures that would allow travel to and from a select list of countries without quarantine for passengers. Britain will be beginning this approach on May 17 with a list of low-risk countries to be expanded over time as the public health situation improves. NACC President and CEO, Mike McNaney, says Canada should use a science-based approach when developing a strategy for testing and for dealing with travelers who are either vaccinated or unvaccinated. News Link

IATA calls on governments to ensure COVID-19 testing is affordable

The IATA is urging governments to ensure that the high (and widely varying) costs of PCR testing – including potential profiteering – don’t put travel out of reach of travelers. IATA sampling of PCR test costs in 16 countries shows that the average minimum cost for PCR testing is $90 and the maximum is $208. With an average one-way airline ticket costing $200, a $90 PCR test increases the cost of flying by 45%. IATA is asking governments to assume or subsidize the costs of PCR testing, so as to keep air travel accessible. News Link