This week, the Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) was among top business leaders invited to testify before the Senate Committee on National Finance. You can view the testimony here, or view speaking notes here. The National Post covered the Senate hearings.

HAC also appeared live on BNN Bloomberg last Friday. You can view the video clip here.

HAC’s key asks are:

Rent Subsidy Program
· Eliminate the overall $300,000 cap, which will allow for expanded access for our larger members
· Expand to include utilities for property owners
· Enable access to the 90 per cent top up for businesses that are impacted by limitations on mass gatherings and travel restrictions

Wage Subsidy Program
· Return to the design that was in place in July and August where the hardest hit businesses could access an 85 per cent subsidy rate

· Immediately implement a liquidity program for hard-hit businesses with 100% government guarantee, favourable terms, and no personal guarantees